2010 Clips

Opinion: For bay area to compete on clean energy, state legislation is needed
San Jose Mercury News - November 15, 2010

Solar energy proponents push California to adopt ‘Feed-in-Tarrif’ for individual power producers
LA Times - October 12, 2010

Green evolution comes to urban nieghborhoods
LA Times - September 3, 2010

City officials think LA might fall short of green initiative goals
LA Daily News - August 14, 2010

Architecture awards for LAPD, L.A. Live
LA Observes - June 29, 2010

LAPD HQ takes top architectural award
KPCC wire Services - June 29, 2010

Mary Leslie at LABC talks about Feed-in-Tariff for Los Angeles
Etopia News - April 12, 2010

Solar PV in Los Angeles
Renewable Energy World - April 8, 2010

La Business Council presents study on Feed-in-Tariff(FiT)
AZO Cleanteach - April 7, 2010

Politics put LA Solar Feed-in-Tariff in the shade
Triple Pundit - April 07, 2010

Green initiatives could provide jobs, keep energy bills lower
Digital News - April 07, 2010

LA Business council, UCLA study says solar power doesn’t need to be costly
LAist - April 06, 2010

Los Angeles business Council and UCLA detail solar Feed-in-Tariff
Earth Techling - April 6, 2010

Solar Feed-in-Tariff policy would benefit Los Angeles Residents, Businesses
Solar Industry - April 06, 2010

LA solar plan would not hit utility bills, study claims
Brighter Energy - April 06, 2010

LA financial woes cloud solar-power initiative
SoCal Minds - April 06,2010

LA business Council releases breakthrough solar Feed-in-Tariff study
Inhabitat - April 5, 2010

UCLA, LA Business Council study Feed-in-Tariff for LA’s renewable energy plan
KPCC - March 19,2010

First skyscraper in 20 years to open in Los Angeles
Contract Magazine - February 12, 2010