Our Mission: Uniting the power of business with the power of government for education and advocacy to promote environmental and economic sustainability.

The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) is renowned for its effective advocacy and educational programs throughout the region, and is a vital representative of business leaders from all industry sectors. The LABC provides its members with strong conduits to local, state and federal officials through targeted policy recommendations and key issue briefings, and annually hosts the influential Mayoral Housing, Education and Sustainability Summits and Los Angeles Architectural Awards luncheon.

The LABC targets three key issue areas that are integral to our city’s economic competitiveness and quality of life:

Energy & Environment
Housing & Transportation
Economic Development


The LABC has been impacting the Los Angeles business landscape for over 70 years. Originally founded as a West Los Angeles-based organization that facilitated the growth of the University of California Los Angeles’ burgeoning campus, the LABC quickly expanded its role in both education and advocacy. In the process, the Council became an influential link between business and city government and has had a major impact on sustainability, workforce housing, transportation, job creation, education and business development policy.

Today, the LABC is considered one of the most effective and influential advocacy and educational organizations in California. By carefully targeting policy areas and creating a holistic, broad-based approach to problem resolution, the LABC is able to serve businesses while informing and impacting positive change at multiple layers of city government.


Remaining true to its academic roots, the LABC informs its advocacy initiatives by scholastic research. Key representatives from area universities and research organizations are LABC members or partners, and help to analyze and articulate the complex issues that impact our region. Coupled with intensive dialogue between key business and government leaders, the LABC is able to advocate for comprehensive solutions that best serve our broad member base and the communities in which they live and work.


LABC builds strong, broad-based coalitions in support of our initiatives including business, nonprofit, academic, environmental, and union organizations. Further, LABC continues to develop its collaborative capacity in the social media realm and is developing powerful online advocacy tools to engage the broader public in supporting our initiatives.