65 MW FiT Reoffer Opens June 2017

On May 16, 2017, the Board of Water and Power Commissioners approved a 65MW reoffer of the Feed-in Tariff program consisting of a new price structure, a competitively-bid program component, as well as other program enhancements.

LADWP will begin accepting applications for the 65 MW FiT Reoffer starting in late-June 2017.  Before then, LADWP will continue to accept applications for the FiT100 fifth allocation.  

Program Details 

The 65 MW FiT Reoffer is comprised of two components: the 35MW SetFiT and 30 MW BlockFiT.  The SetFiT component is open to all applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis similar to FiT’s current form; while the BlockFiT component is more suitable to applicants with experience in developing larger projects.  The 30 MW BlockFiT component is split into six blocks of 5MW, each of which will be competitively bid by applicants during a two-week bidding period.
In an effort to solicit more participation and increase project development success, a number of other changes were made to the program, including:SetFiT solar energy price at $0.145/KWh with no Time of Use (TOU) multipliers; price for SetFiT landfill gas energy is $0.115/KWh with no TOU multipliers.

  1. BlockFiT solar energy bid price capped at $0.145/KWh, competitive bid structure.
  2. Any applicant would have the option to conduct a Stand-alone Integration Study to assess project viability before application submission for an additional fee.
  3. All applicants would have option to execute either a standard 20-year Standard Offer Power Purchase Agreement (SOPPA) or a SOPPA with a  term of 10 years plus an option to extend for up to another 10 years in one-year increments.
  4. LADWP will conduct Technical Review, Integration Study, and Interconnection Study in parallel to accelerate project development. 

A webinar session will be conducted on June 14, 2017, with the official application period for both SetFiT and BlockFiT to follow shortly afterwards.  Details regarding the webinar will be posted on www.ladwp.com/FiT, so please check back regularly. 

Please visit  65 MW FiT Reoffer Program Materials for the latest program documents, including the FiT Guidelines, Master Development Agreement, Standard Offer Power Purchase Agreement, and FiT Interconnection Agreement.  The applications are included in the FiT Guidelines in Attachment 3.