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2020 Ballot Measure Positions


Proposition 16: Opportunity for All

Prop. 16 would promote equal opportunity for women and people of color by allowing schools and public agencies to take gender, race and ethnicity into account when making admission, hiring or contracting decisions. If passed, it would repeal portions of Proposition 209, the constitutional amendment voters passed in 1996 banning affirmative action at state institutions, and allow California to join the 41 other states that operate programs to remedy gender bias and racism in decisions about college admissions, government contracts and job opportunities.

LABC’s Position
This initiative couldn’t be more timely given the broader national conversation on how we must all do our part to actively combat systemic racism. The LABC has long advocated that we cannot truly have equity in our society without leveling the playing field and creating meaningful economic opportunities for small and diverse businesses in communities across state. Most recently, we spearheaded the effort to modernize the city’s contractor procurement system with a new open and transparent portal, Compete4LA, to bring more small and diverse local businesses to the table. At a time when COVID-19’s impact has been particularly devastating to minority-owned businesses, we need to promote tools that will spur economic recovery across L.A. That’s why the LABC is strongly endorsing Prop. 16 to remove many of the barriers in the way of minority and woman-owned businesses succeeding.

Measure RR: School Upgrades and Safety Measure

Measure RR is a $7 billion bond measure to upgrade, modernize and replace aging school facilities, update technology, and address inequities in L.A. schools. The measure includes upgrades to school technology to better handle distance learning along with improved COVID-19 cleanliness and distancing standards for student, faculty and staff safety.

LABC’s Position
More than 70 percent of our public-schools were built more than 50 years ago – too many of these buildings are deteriorating, contain health hazards like asbestos and contaminated drinking water, and generally do not meet standards for 21st century learning and school safety. Such disparity is unfair and puts students at risk of falling behind in preparing for college and careers simply because of where they live.

It’s important to note that Measure RR will not increase taxes – rather it extends without increasing the tax rate currently authorized for voter-approved Los Angeles Unified School District bonds. Moreover, it is subject to strict independent oversight and accountability requirements. And not only will Measure RR benefit our kids and lay the foundation for a stronger future workforce, it will immediately create thousands of quality jobs benefitting the region’s economy.

LABC’s endorsement is an extension of our longstanding commitment to support the development of modern, public education facilities in Los Angeles.


Proposition 15: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act

Known as the “split roll” measure, Prop. 15 would increase taxes on commercial and industrial real estate worth $3 million or more to raise funds for schools and local government. It would do this by requiring owners pay property tax based on market value, rather than the price at which it was purchased. Only 40% would go directly to school districts, while 60% would go toward local governments.

LABC’s Position
At a time when small businesses are hemorrhaging revenue due to the pandemic, this would add yet another cost to commercial and industrial property owners that would ultimately be passed down to the consumer. The initiative would also trigger a massive property tax increase on solar energy properties by rendering current solar property tax exclusions meaningless. This means solar farms, carports, rooftops, and battery storage would be subject to property tax at their full fair market value, despite the fact that voters enacted a property tax incentive decades ago to encourage the deployment of solar energy throughout the state to fight global warming.

While it may be well-intentioned, Prop. 15 is short-sighted and fated to set off detrimental consequences to our economy and environment.

Proposition 21: Rental Affordability Act

Prop 21 would allow local governments to establish rent control for certain residential properties over 15 years old. It exempts individuals who own no more than two homes from the new rent control policies.

LABC’s Position
The measure is nearly identical to Prop. 10, a statewide rent control measure on the ballot in 2018, despite a 20-percentage point, 56-out-of-58 county defeat that year by voters. Just like last time, the measure would allow for permanent price caps on all forms of housing, including single family homes and condos, thereby discouraging new construction, reducing the availability of affordable and middle-class housing, and driving up rents for many Californians. Prop 21 would also open the door to an expansive web of varying statewide policies that would discourage real estate investment in the midst of an escalating housing crisis rather than give last year’s AB 1482 — a new statewide law that caps rent increases to 5% plus inflation for housing built in the past 15 years — a chance to work.

LABC has long fought for real solutions to our housing crisis that includes building more affordable housing and helping get the homeless off the streets. Unfortunately, Prop. 21 is not the answer.

Support Governor Newsom’s Call to Accelerate California’s Clean Energy & Climate Goals


Support Governor Newsom's Call to Accelerate California's Clean Energy & Climate Goals

As an unprecedented string of fatal wildfires rage along the West Coast burning millions of acres, displacing tens of thousands of people, and blanketing residents with some of the most hazardous air on the planet, the Los Angeles Business Council has stepped forward as the first business group to endorse Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call to accelerate the state’s clean energy and climate goals.

The LABC is calling for a plan to fast-track all climate change efforts across the board and enact legislative mandates to speed up the timeline for meeting greenhouse gas emission targets.

We believe we can, and must act, while improving our planning to assure a reliable energy grid and a just transition for those who may be left behind in the wake of progress.

Join us in sending a letter to your elected offical. 

Issues We’re Tracking


Assembly Bill 2345 (Gonzalez)

This bill makes various changes to the Density Bonus law. It requires a developer to receive three incentives and concessions for projects that include the following percentage of total units: 24% for lower income households, 15% for very low income households, and 30% for moderate income households. And it would include a maximum density bonus for a housing development in which 16% of the total units are for lower income households and would increase the maximum density bonus, to up to 50%, for construction of a housing development in which 20% or more of the total units are for lower income households, 11% or more of the total units are for very low income households, and 35% or more of the total units are for moderate income households.


Passed both houses, waiting on Gov Signature


Senate Bill 1065 (Hertzberg)

SB 1065 increases options for California’s poorest families with children by making small, yet significant adjustments to the critical safety-net that is the Homeless Assistance Program. Specifically, the bill repeals the subjective hardship standard, extends the assistance period to the end of the month for families that have secured imminent permanent housing, and ensures all domestic violence victims receive their entitled 32-days of assistance.


Passed both houses, waiting on Gov Signature


LA City Council Motion 19-0078 (Krekorian)

Small Business Feasibility Study: At the end of 2018, the LABC Institute released a feasibility study analyzing the potential for Los Angeles to develop a free, transparent, and universal regional procurement platform to help capture the economic benefits of major municipal projects, as well as incoming sports and entertainment events for local, small and disadvantaged businesses. In response, Councilmember Krekorian, Chair of the City’s Ad Hoc Committee on a Comprehensive Job Creation Plan, introduced Council Motion 19-0078 to have the CLA report back to the Ad Hoc Committee with an analysis of the benefits of a regional procurement platform and a proposed legal framework to implement said platform with budgetary requirements.


LA City Council File 19-0669

This motion calculates middle-class percent that is rent-burdened and report back on successful moderate-income housing programs that can help inform the City on prioritizing the growth of middle-income housing.

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