2021 LABC Institute Homelessness Survey

Poll Finds L.A. Voters Want Bold Leadership and Quick Action

Homelessness is seen as a huge and timely crisis according to a survey of L.A. voters…


79% believe homelessness has gotten worse over the last couple years.

2/3 believe California should guarantee access to shelter as a basic human right.


By a 2-to-1 margin, voters favor short-term solutions over long-term solutions.

Conducted by nationally prominent pollster Hart Research Associates, the 2021 LABC Institute survey demonstrates a desire for strong leadership and immediate solutions.

This research serves as an update to the LABCI’s groundbreaking 2019 survey on homelessness.

Senior Analyst at Hart Research Aileen Cardona-Arroyo, Ph. D. breaks down the main findings of the poll.

Watch LABC President Mary Leslie discuss the poll

With the homeless crisis worsening and the 2022 mayoral election underway, the LABC launched into action to research public perception on homelessness and what solutions voters support.


Homelessness remains the number-one issue for L.A. County voters, as 94% see it as a serious problem facing Los Angeles, virtually unchanged from the LABCi 2019 survey.

Nearly two in three voters feel that homelessness is caused by societal factors instead of individual actions and decisions.

Voters are more pessimistic than they are optimistic that political and civic leaders in LA can adequately address the problem of homelessness.

Scroll over chart to see percentages

Total Pessimistic 44%

Total Optimistic 35%

Those who are pessimistic blame a lack of leaders, not a lack of solutions.


Lack of leadership

No realistic solutions

Not sure

Despite the gravity of the issue, a majority of voters still believe that homelessness can be solved with the right leadership and policies.

A majority of voters support the following short-term solutions:


57% of those surveyed believe existing homelessness funds should focus on short-term shelter sites over long-term housing.

Hear from LABC members and other leaders working on these solutions NOW

Brian Cox
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Brad Cox
Chair, LABC Institute
Amanda Gattenby
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Amanda Gattenby
VP of Development, CRATE Modular
Jimar Wilson
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Jimar Wilson
VP & Market Leader, Southern California, Enterprise Community Partners
Sarah Dusseault
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Sarah Dusseault
County Member, LAHSA Commission
Kevin Murray
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Kevin Murray
President & CEO, Weingart Center
Michael Lehrer
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Michael Lehrer
Founding Partner, Lehrer Architects
Richard Ziman
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Richard Ziman
Founding Chair, LABC & LABC Institute

Watch a stakeholder briefing on key poll results led by Hart Research

Dec. 6, 2021

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