2024 LABC Institute Housing Affordability Survey

Poll Finds When it Comes to Housing Affordability, Angelenos are Feeling Squeezed

A definitive majority of Los Angeles voters are deeply dissatisfied with the cost of housing…


60% have considered leaving L.A. because of rising housing costs

7/10 say it is difficult for them to afford housing in the city


54% of renters have had to find additional sources of income to afford housing

Conducted by nationally prominent pollster Hart Research Associates, the 2024 LABC Institute survey demonstrates substantial support for government action at both the state and local levels to address housing affordability.

Voters say housing affordability is the second most serious problem facing L.A., and many have considered leaving because of it.


say that housing affordability is a serious problem facing Los Angeles


have considered leaving Los Angeles because of rising housing costs

“…I’m leaving the state just because I can’t afford to retire in California. And that’s sad that I’ve lived here for 60 years and having to move out of state to be able to retire.”

– Voter

By a nearly 2:1 margin, voters think the City of LA should substantially increase the number of new housing units.

Which one comes closer to your point of view?

“The prices aren’t going to come down until there’s a good supply of units”

– Voter

Most voters favor making Mayor Bass’s Executive Directive 1 permanent, and even more support expanding it to include housing for middle-income residents.

“Expanding ED 1 will provide relief for everyone from the unhoused to middle-class Angelenos, who are the backbone of the city’s economy and key to its future vitality.”

– Mary Leslie, L.A. Business Council President

Making ED 1 Permanent

Total Favor 69%

Total Oppose 24%

Expanding the fast-track process to include projects to build apartments for middle income residents

Total Favor 76%

Total Oppose 20%

There is expansive support for key policies to expand affordable housing in the City of Los Angeles

Scroll over charts to see percentages

Speed up the approval for new apartment buildings that include some affordable housing as long as they are located near public transit or on underutilized land in high density, urban area.

Total Oppose 17%

Total Favor 83%

Guarantee approval for new apartment projects that dedicate twenty percent of the units for low income residents.

Total Oppose 22%

Total Favor 78%

Change the law to make it possible to build larger apartment and retail buildings with greater densities along major transportation corridors and in commercial areas.

Total Oppose 25%

Total Favor 75%

There is also broad support for building affordable rental housing across a range of locations

Near job centers

Along transportation corridors

Strongly Favor

Somewhat Favor

Somewhat Oppose

Strongly Oppose

Not sure

Support for State Intervention


Among renters


Among all young voters age 18 to 34

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