The Education Committee is focused on improving the education systems that impact Los Angeles.  The committee meets with legislators and key education leaders to stay informed about education issues and pending legislation, and informs and advises the board of directors and general membership.  The committee organizes education forums and summits designed to bring together key education stakeholders and inform the business community about legislative issues and innovative partnerships and strategies that aim to improve educational systems.  The committee encourages the larger business community to support education and provides opportunities and contacts through the LABC website.   



The goal of the Energy & Environment Committee is to convene diverse enterprises concerned with energy issues, including utilities, green advocacy groups, alternative technology developers, government, and business and industry leaders for discussion and issue resolution relevant to efficiency and environmental concerns. This committee also informs the planning of the annual LABC Sustainability Summit, environmental forms and related events. The Energy & Environment Committee is also a platform for monitoring pending legislation/regulation and educating members and business leaders on energy related issues.


The Finance & Budget Committee is responsible for managing and overseeing the financial solvency of the LABC. It is responsible for supervising the creation of the annual budget for approval by the board, monitoring monthly cash flow, reviewing monthly financial statements and preparing the annual financial report.



The Housing and Transportation Committee studies regional housing and transportation issues as they relate to sustainability, housing availability and affordability, including moderate income, single- and multi-family, as well as rental and for-sale housing. The committee meets with developers, legislators, real estate lenders, housing administrators and other housing and transportation planning experts in order to remain informed about and take action on pending legislation. The committee provides information and recommendations to the board of directors and general membership. The committee organizes an annual Mayoral Sustainable Housing and Transportation Summit for the public that convenes diverse stakeholders to discuss housing and transportation development challenges and propose innovative strategies to improve them, creating sustainable communities. The committee also hosts meetings and events designed to provide information about financing, public vs. private development and other issues as they affect the region’s business community and quality of life.



LA River Advisory Committee is made up of LABC Members and other business, government and non-profit stakeholders, all actively engaged in the LA River Revitalization that guided the development of our report, LA’s Next Frontier. This committee is tasked with further refining the short-term implementation recommendations we presented in LA's Next Frontier and developing an action plan that includes specific, feasible one-year outcomes and goals for phase II of the River revitalization study. 



The Legislative Affairs Committee represents a cross-section of many other committees of the LABC, as it is involved in issues affecting all facets of the community with particular emphasis on the areas of real estate, education, housing, water and energy conservation. The committee recommends action on pending legislation to the executive committee and the board of directors of the LABC for their approval and ratification. It also studies and provides information to members on current ballot initiatives. The Action and Advocacy Committee is a legislative sub-committee that will focus on current policy campaigns currently being undertaken by the LABC. This committee will also focus on planning and sponsoring member trips to Washington and Sacramento to confer with representatives in the national and state legislatures.



The Marketing & Communications Committee is responsible for LABC internal and external communication efforts and activities.  The Committee reviews and provides recommendations on LABC publications, including the membership newsletter, and designs the website content, format and functionality.  The Marketing & Communications Committee supports other Committees with their communications needs on an as-needed basis.


The Programs & Membership Committee works to coordinate the LABC's regular and special events.  The Committee helps to recruit strategic speakers, panelists and special guests that enhance the content and quality of each event.  Committee members develop and approve new program ideas for breakfast events, roundtables, forums and summits that advocate for positive change in the Los Angeles region.  This Committee is also directly responsible for all aspects of new member recruitment and existing member retention and maintaining the strength of the base membership of the LABC.  The Programs & Membership Committee is responsible for nominating the annual slate of LABC Officers and Committee Chairs for presentation to the Executive Board.