LABC Endorses Gov. Newsom’s Call to Accelerate Clean Energy and Climate Goals as Mounting Climate Crisis Ravages Western States


Endorsement comes as 600+ government, private sector leaders are slated to convene for climate strategy summit

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 21, 2020) – As an unprecedented string of fatal wildfires rage along the West Coast burning millions of acres, displacing tens of thousands of people, and blanketing residents with some of the most hazardous air on the planet, the Los Angeles Business Council has stepped forward as the first business group to endorse Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call to accelerate the state’s clean energy and climate goals.

The LABC is calling for a plan to fast-track all climate change efforts across the board and enact legislative mandates to speed up the timeline for meeting greenhouse gas emission targets.

“The LABC is proud to be the first business group to step up and endorse Governor Newsom’s call to accelerate our 100% green energy grid by 2045 and to fast-track our efforts to continue as the world leader in sustainability and renewable energy,” LABC’s senior leadership wrote in a letter officially marking the endorsement. “We believe we can, and must act, while improving our planning to assure a reliable energy grid and a just transition for those who may be left behind in the wake of progress.”

California continues to lead the nation in reducing our carbon output and advancing policies that lay the groundwork for a more vibrant, inclusive green economy. In support of building a more equitable green economy, the LABC also supports proposals for broad economic incentives to promote investment in innovation and market-driven solutions to confronting the climate crisis.

“The science is in. We must act now,” said LABC President Mary Leslie. “In the absence of leadership at the federal level, our local and state elected officials, institutions, and businesses must take decisive against climate change and toward rapidly building a clean energy economy.”

The state has surpassed climate goals before: After hitting a 2018 goal of generating one-third of energy from green sources, the state now produces over half of all electricity from non-fossil fuel sources, including hydroelectricity and nuclear power. Consider that proof that Californians are up to the challenge of taking on bigger, broader challenges that our future demands, said Leslie.

“Climate change is real – and what’s happening in California is a preview of what’s to come for the rest of the nation unless we take immediate action based on what the science is telling us,” Gov. Newsom said. “California’s business community must play a critical role, and I commend organizations such as Los Angeles Business Council for committing to being part of the solution.”

The call to accelerate the state’s push to 100% green energy comes as top government, business and civic leaders are poised to convene at the LABC’s 14th Annual Sustainability Summit. The virtual summit, which will be held September 21st and 22nd, will explore topics including international climate policy, regionalization of the energy grid, California’s resiliency strategy in the face of growing natural disasters, and more.  A full schedule of events can be found at

“If we never want to suffer a power outage again or worry about widespread electricity shortages during a triple-digit heatwave, then we’re going to have to take significant action to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said LABC Chair Nadine Watt, who is appearing at the summit, which is anticipated to attract as many as 600 participants.



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