The Los Angeles Business Council issued the following statement today regarding the former legislative leaders’ proposal to Senate pro Temp Atkins and Speaker Rendon calling for $20 billion in state funds over the next five years to address homelessness in California:


  • We agree with the former California State legislative leadership: Kevin DeLeon, Darrell Steinberg, John Burton, Karen Bass, and Herb Wesson that as Californians emerge from their homes and restart their lives, they will be confronted with an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.


  • This pandemic has exacerbated an already unacceptable human catastrophe with tens of thousands of our neighbors living on the streets. We appreciate that both houses have proposed substantial investment in addressing homelessness, and we urge you to make an historic investment by appropriating $20 billion over the next five years with a focus on immediate, cost-effective shelter and transitional housing.


  • This historic level of new funding presents an opportunity to more effectively meet the scale of the growing need in Los Angeles. For years, our dedicated resources have trailed our need for funding to create housing and provide wraparound services. With record levels of state revenue, now is the time to take bold decisive action.


  • But addressing the human tragedy of homelessness in our city and county requires more than financial resources. It needs a new, comprehensive strategy driven by data, by the diversity of need, and by the most innovative ways to stretch every dollar.


  • That’s why we’re supporting efforts at the City of Los Angeles led by Councilmember de Leon to establish a goal of 25,000 new units by 2025 for people experiencing homelessness, as well as AB 816 in the state legislature that would, for the first time, mandate all localities create plans to reduce homelessness 90% by 2029.


  • By setting enforceable goals, we can work collaboratively and innovatively to craft plans that will allow us to use these new dollars most efficiently and effectively.



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