Promoting international investment and local job creation

The LABC is blazing a path forward, fostering international collaboration to advance common interests

In Los Angeles…

L.A. attracts $27.4 billion in foreign investment.

40% of cargo enters the U.S. through the ports of L.A. and Long Beach.

Welcoming the world to L.A. for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games will provide an opportunity to showcase our city.

Los Angeles has established itself as a global partner, with more foreign investment and international trade flowing into the city than ever before. Our global connections play a vital role in the strength of our economy and present growing opportunities for the business community.

The LABC has played a leading role in almost all of Mayor Garcetti’s official delegations, including multiple trips to cities across Asia, Mexico and New Zealand, initiating strategic dialogue between government and business to strengthen the commercial, tourism, and business relationships with these international cities. We have also convened L.A. and Mexican leaders at a forum designed to explore mutual business interests and reinforce the strong ties between the regions. By bringing together global powerhouses, we hope to open the door to possibilities that will undoubtedly lead to a healthier and more prosperous future for Los Angeles and our friends around the world.

We will continue to seize opportunities to collaborate, learn best practices and facilitate meaningful dialogue with foreign partners to ensure L.A. remains a major player on the international stage.

Our Achievements

September 2018

LABC signed an MOU with The Department of Foreign Affairs for Province (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam) to support investment and trade between all the provinces in Vietnam and L.A.

LABC signed an MOU with the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam to formalize a shared commitment to tackling infrastructure issues and solar energy goals

July 2018

July 2018

LABC represents L.A. business interests on Asian Trade delegation led by Mayor Garcetti

Completed the last leg of the Tripartite Agreement between Los Angeles, Guangzhou China and Auckland New Zealand by participating in the Guangzhou Economic Summit

November 2017

May 2016

LABC holds the first-ever Los Angeles and Mexico Economic Forum, exploring mutual business interests and opportunities between L.A. and Mexico

LABC signed MOU establishing the Urban Design Alliance between the three cities of Los Angeles, Auckland, and Guangzhou on behalf of the L.A. business community as part of landmark Tripartite Economic Alliance in Aukland

May 2016

June 2015

Inagural Tripartite Economic Summit was held in L.A., exploring a partnership between Los Angeles, Auckland, and Guangzhou to share expertise in urban design, architecture and sustainable technologies

Led business delegation for Mayor Garcetti’s first trip to Asia in Shanghai and Beijing

November 2014

March 2014

Led business delegation for Mayor Garcetti’s first international trip to Mexico City, establishing a relationship with ADI, the largest real estate association in Mexico

News from the labc

UCLA hosts economic forum to discuss Mexico-LA trade relation

UCLA hosts economic forum to discuss Mexico-LA trade relation

Daily Bruin--- Los Angeles and Mexican business and political leaders discussed trade and collaboration between the two jurisdictions at a Friday forum held at UCLA. The Los Angeles Business Council organized the inaugural LABC Mexico and Los Angeles Economic Forum to...

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Watch All the Forums in LABC's 2022 Candidate Forum Series!

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