Advocating for a World-Class Transit System

Investing in a modern transportation network will make our region more economically competitive while enhancing quality of life.

In Los Angeles…

Commuters spend 81 hours, the equivalent of two work weeks, in traffic every year

There are over 105 miles of Metro rail in L.A., with more under construction.

People are 30% more likely to use transit if they live close to transit stations or stops.

Los Angeles is truly the nation’s next mass-transit city.

We’ve undergone a remarkable and under-appreciated shift to a more 21st century transit system thanks to two ballot measures strongly supported by the LABC – Measure R passed in 2008, which brought us the “subway to the sea” connecting downtown to the westside and Measure M passed in 2016, which invests $120 billion to sustain Measure R’s momentum.

Investing in a modern transportation network makes our region more economically competitive. It enhances our attractiveness to employers looking to expand or relocate, while improving the quality of life for all Angelenos and bringing L.A. in line with other global cities.

The LABC strongly advocates for policies that incentivize new, affordable housing near jobs and efficient transit.

An Agenda for Equity-Centered Clean Transportation

In partnership with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, the LABCI commissioned groundbreaking research on the need to center equity in the state’s electric vehicle strategy.

Key Findings

Equitable access to clean transportation can be strengthened by…

Reforming zero-emission passenger vehicle adoption policies, including access to charging

Investing in place-based access to active transportation, shared e-mobility, and e-transit

Leveraging the zero-emission transition in public and private fleets containing medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses

Learn More About the Importance of the Study

Leslie Aguayo, Environmental Equity Program Manager with the Greenlining Institute

Tyson Eckerle, Deputy Director of Zero Emission Vehicle Market Development in the California Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development

Our Achievements

April 2021

Released “An Agenda for Equity-Centered Clean Transportation” in partnership with UCLA

Read the Report


Released “Housing Pays: Capturing the Economic and Fiscal Benefits of Increased Housing Production for the City of L.A.”

Read the Report

MARCH 2017

Released “The Affordable Housing Crisis in Los Angeles: Impacts to LA’s Fastest Growing Companies,” in partnership with USC

Read the Report


Measure M is approved with the active support of LABC


Measure R is approved with the active support of LABC

News from the labc

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