Helping Create a More Inclusive Economy

Embracing a broader vision of economic development to drive progress and maintain L.A.’s competitive edge.

In Los Angeles…

L.A.’s thriving economy is one of the strongest in the world

Nearly all companies in L.A. County are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees

More than half of all firms in L.A. County are minority-owned businesses

Los Angeles is a dynamic hub of international trade and innovation, with a booming economy to show for it.

Our city is known as the creative capital of the world, with trailblazing companies and a deep talent pool in entertainment, music, fashion, gaming, advertising and beyond. We also have more people employed in high-tech jobs, including aerospace, than any other metro region in the U.S. L.A. is also the largest major manufacturing center in the U.S., home to the world’s busiest port and airport, a major financial and banking center, and a top global tourist destination.

The LABC has a proven track record of advancing bold economic policy that leads to more jobs, higher incomes, broadly-shared prosperity, and better quality of life for all. We are focused on public policies that cut red tape to more quickly build the housing and modern transportation system that we need to continue attracting top-tier businesses and investment in our city. And we remain committed to promoting programs and policies to support a vibrant, equitable and sustainable economy.

Our Achievements

The City Council Ad Hoc Committee on Job Creation approved LABC’s request to send the “Compete4LA” final report to the Chief Legislative Analyst’s office for study of its findings

January 2019

August 2018

Released “Compete4LA” outlining procurement challenges faced by small businesses

Read the Report

Released “Utility Sector Workforce Development in the Los Angeles Region”

Read the Report

January 2017

June 2015

California minimum wage is increased to $15/hr by 2020 with LABC’s active support

The California Pension Reform Bill is signed into law after years of advocacy by LABC

September 2012

Coming Soon: The LABC Institute will launch a new database in partnership with USC Center for Economic Development

To support the City of LA’s Regional Alliance Marketplace for Procurement (RAMP), LABCi is sponsoring Compete4LA, a small business database to help onboard local underserved small businesses to the new City procurement platform. 
USC’s Equity Resource Institute (ERI) and USC’s Center for Economic Development will work in partnership with LABCi in the creation, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of this online searchable database of local underserved small businesses for targeted outreach and prospecting. 
The purpose of the LABCi/USC Applied Research Project is to connect small and diverse businesses to key intermediaries, providing small businesses procurement opportunities and intermediaries a verified, easily accessible and mappable listing of local underserved small businesses in eight key industry sectors across LA County. These sectors are most needed to support major events in sports, entertainment and culture in the Los Angeles region.  

Compete4la initiative achievements

LABC organizes support for small business initiative from leading community and civic groups

Read the Letter of Support 

July 2019

February 2019

Engaged USC to conduct an in-depth sector analysis to identify underserved  businesses that stand to benefit most from our small business program

City Council Ad Hoc Committee on Job Creation unanimously approves LABC’s request to study implementing an online procurement platform  

February 2019

August 2018

Published our feasibility study on the demand for an online procurement platform in Los Angeles

Read our feasibility study 

Conducted over 40 stakeholder meetings with members of the business community to better understand the problem, assess the need, and develop our research questions

December 2017- 

August 2018

December 2017

LABC forms partnership with the creators of the small business platform used in the 2012 Olympic Games

News from the labc

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