Statement from Los Angeles Business Council

The executive leadership of the Los Angeles Business Council today issued the following statement:

The LABC is appalled by the blatantly racist, hate-filled statements made behind closed doors by L.A. City Councilmembers Nury Martinez and Kevin de Leon. The silence from Councilmember Gil Cedillo in the face of such repugnant comments is also unacceptable. Our organization has worked closely with Councilmembers Martinez and de Leon over the years on important sustainability, housing, and economic development issues, and we were shocked to hear their vile and divisive statements.

While their words of contrition and apology are welcomed, they pale in comparison to the intolerable, prejudiced comments that have come to light. Los Angeles needs public officials who work each day to bring our city together and celebrate our diversity. We agree with statements by many public officials demanding accountability by Councilmembers Martinez, de Leon and Cedillo.

Politicians in positions of power have a great responsibility to serve all Angelenos. By their own recorded comments, these public officials chose a different path. We support the call by Councilmember Bonin and others for their resignation from the Los Angeles City Council.




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