The Los Angeles Business Council’s 51st Architectural Awards highlights noteworthy LA projects and Frank Gehry as the inaugural LA Community Legacy Award recipient


By Katherine Guimapang

Los Angeles has welcomed several new projects, adding to the city’s vibrant and robust lineup of architectural icons. On October 26, the Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) announced the winning projects for the 51st Architectural Awards. Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s Wilshire Garden, the gala welcomed local government officials, Angelinos, LA-based principals, and design teams.

According to LABC, hundreds of project submissions were entered in Education, Mixed-Use Projects, Innovation & Technology, Preservation, and more. Mary Leslie, president of the Los Angeles Business Council, shared: “This year’s winners break the mold for how creative, elegant design can build a better future for our city.” She also commented on Frank Gehry and his longstanding contributions to the city. Gehry was awarded the organization’s inaugural LA Community Legacy Award. “Visionaries like the great Frank Gehry show us how architecture and development can help celebrate and reinvent LA’s rich legacy while inspiring the next generation to do the same,” expressed Leslie.

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