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What They’re Saying: Los Angeles Responds to Mayor Bass’ Bold Actions on Homelessness

Jan 3, 2023

LOS ANGELES – Here’s what civic leaders and organizations are saying about Mayor Karen Bass’ bold actions on homelessness:

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair, Janice Hahn: 

“It’s official: the Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to back @MayorofLA’s homelessness emergency declaration. We are entering a new chapter in the fight against homelessness— linking arms instead of pointing fingers.”

Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis: 

“I think there is a new energy and I really do feel the enthusiasm, but more than that a very focused and strategic plan by our mayor. Even before she became Mayor she was out there visiting some of our locations where we were already standing up interim housing and permanent housing so I know that she is very tedious and studious about where and what she wants to do so I give her a lot of credit for that.”

Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsey P Horvath:

“Thank you @MayorofLA for joining us this morning to speak about the city of LA’s homelessness emergency. As you said, and as every one of my colleagues and I said, this is a crisis that will take all hands on deck. We can’t do it alone – we *must* work together.”

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger: 

“Our last @LACountyBOS meeting of 2022 is underway & @MayorOfLA is here sharing her POV on how to urgently address #homelessness. I welcome the collaboration. No one entity can do it all and our @CountyofLA resources need to support all 88 of its cities’ solutions.”

Mayor of Long Beach, Rex Richardson:

“Long Beach is ready to go “All In” on homelessness. In my first act as Mayor, I called for a State of Emergency on homelessness, alongside @MaryZendejasLB. We’re locking arms with regional partners like @MayorOfLA Karen Bass to get it done.”

Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian: 

“The city is known throughout the world for its emergency response,” Krekorian said. “Starting today, under Mayor Bass, we are going to bring that same vigor, that same sense of urgency, that same gathering of resources to respond to this emergency as well — the humanitarian emergency that 40,000 people are suffering from tonight.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky:

“Today is the first day of @MayorofLA’s Inside Safe program, and there is a critical piece of her plan that could unlock thousands of new beds for people experiencing homelessness.”

Los Angeles City Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez:

“She is making herself the face of this issue. Nobody took charge up to this point, everyone was blaming and pointing the finger. She’s putting her entire reputation on this, and that’s a monumental shift.”

Deborah La Franchi, Founder and Chief Executive of SDS Capital Group:

“I have a big smile on my face right now. It’s going to make such a difference on getting these units built and moving tenants into them. That’s going to make a tremendous difference to have that early coordination between the different departments when they’re reviewing the projects.”

Miguel A. Santana, Chair of The Committee for Greater LA

“The Board of Supervisor’s unanimous support of Mayor Bass’ plan and declaration of a state of emergency on homelessness shows that our region’s leadership is responding to  what Angelenos have been asking for, bold and transformative action to solve the issue. Our survey of Los Angeles voters shows that 95% of them want to see more  collaboration between the city and county. We applaud today’s action by the Board of  Supervisors that brings the collaboration that the Committee, voters, service providers,  and people with lived experience have been calling for.”

Pete Rodriguez, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Southwest Mountain States Regional Council Carpenters:

“Today, dozens of Carpenters attended the Los Angeles City Council meeting to support Mayor Bass’ emergency declaration on housing and homelessness. Our city is in a chris and we applaud the Mayor and Council’s Decisive action. As Carpenters we stand ready to get to work and build the housing Angelenos need.”

Jennifer Hark Dietz, CEO of People Assisting The Homeless (PATH):

“The city’s approach to homelessness has become more piecemeal and politicized and this state of emergency can leverage the power of the executive branch to make sustainable improvements to our service system and dramatically increase the production of desperately needed housing.”

Sarah Dusseault, Co-chair Los Angeles County Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness:

“An emergency declaration, per the charter, comes with enormous local authority that does not exist short of a declaration. There’s this hunger among the City Council and city departments around getting clear direction from the mayor, on the most significant issue facing our city. … There is no question that in a vacuum, everybody just operated to do the best that they could. Today, in one fell swoop, she eliminated the vacuum.”

L.A. Family Housing (LAFH): 

“Representatives from the LAFH outreach & engagement team were proud to stand beside our partners and @MayorOfLA as she announced this new initiative to bring more Angelenos indoors & on a path to permanent homes. We look forward to working together to bring more people home!”

The People Concern: 

“The People Concern was honored to host @MayorofLA today as she signed her Inside Safe Executive Directive. We applaud these bold efforts to address the urgent humanitarian crisis of homelessness in Los Angeles.”

People Assisting the Homeless (PATH): 

“Glad to stand by @MayorofLA Bass as she launches this new initiative to bring our neighbors home swiftly and safely! With a trauma-informed approach and real housing solutions, we can lift people out of homelessness for good.”

Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH):

“SCANPH was proud to stand alongside @MayorOfLA Karen Bass as she signed Executive Directive 1, expediting the development of affordable housing within the city of LA. Too often projects are stalled by bureaucratic red tape. The order’s 60 day review cap + directive that all department reviews/approvals happen simultaneously, means more units will be brought online faster – lowering costs and housing folks sooner. We were happy to join our friends at @AOCForg, @LTSC, @elaccOrg, our labor family, and city/county leaders for this historical moment. This is a tall order, but a necessary one. Now, LET’S GET THIS GOING!”

A Community of Friends (ACOF):

“ACOF is excited to have hosted @MayorOfLA at our Lorena Plaza construction site today, for the signing of her first executive directive to expedite #affordablehousing permitting! Because of Mayor Bass’ Executive Directive, projects like Lorena Plaza will move through the development pipeline much more quickly, aiding ACOF’s mission to end homelessness for people affected by mental illness with  permanent supportive housing. Thank you, Mayor Bass!”

Los Angeles Business Council (LABC):

“The Los Angeles Business Council applauds Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass for issuing a state of emergency declaration for homelessness that will give her the executive power to reduce barriers to the development of much needed shelter and affordable housing. We also thank the LA City Council leadership for supporting her call to action on this important first step as Mayor and chief executive of the city… We look forward to working with Mayor Bass and serving as a partner as she seeks to swiftly shelter unhoused Angelenos and expedite affordable housing development.”

Committee for Greater L.A.:

“Angelenos made big decisions this year, and our Housing & Homelessness Action Team made sure our communities’ voices were heard about this priority. We’re excited to see Mayor Bass’ plan set into motion in 2023, and are hopeful about the enactment of bold and systemic solutions.”

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